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Traditional Indian Bangles

Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals

Indian Bangles & Tradition


Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals


Hello & Namaste pal

How are you doing? I know you are waiting a more interesting blog post over here. Sometime repeating of something wouldn’t so good and people nowadays want some unusual to read. Now without any delay here I am going to give you one of very important and Traditional Indian symbols of love & marriage that is Indian Bangles.


Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals


I personally love the color punch in my wardrobe or accessories. One of my favorite Indian traditional bangles.Whenever I see the bangle shop can’t get off my eyes from these colorful bangles ( In India called choodi or chudiyaan). Basically Bangles Originates in India but now they are worn all over the world for enhance their style statements.


Indian Traditional Bangles

Indian traditional bangles are the symbol of togetherness & love. Wearing bangles for every bride is very important in Indian culture, but there are no such boundaries for unmarried girls. Wearing bangles in India began very earlier age like ancient times.

Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals

Importance of Bangles in Indian Culture

In Indian Culture wearing bangles considered must specially married women. There are many varieties of bangles like- gold bangles,silver,bronze,copper,Lac,glass,terracotta,stone Etc. Wearing bangles is very important in Indian culture they believe that women should wear bangles on their arms and bare arms are not allowed because it symbolizes the good health and well-being of once husbands & children. After just marriage women worn choora which is generally made of two colors Red or White. This sets of choora worn by the Bride for at least  40 days, which is also an Indian tradition.


Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals


Colors Of Bangles & Belief

In the Indian culture there is a belief that wearing different colors of bangles has their own significance. Like –

Red-Vitality, energy







The sound of the Bangles in the houses keeps the negative vibes away.


Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals


There is another most important festival celebrated in India (by Hindu women) where is the Indian brides fast early morning to moon-rise for the safety & the longevity of their husbands.All the Indian brides wear the colorful Bangles.Festival and Rituals are the best way to feel happy with family & friends everyone waits for the next upcoming festival to enjoy and celebrate fully.


Traditional Indian Bangles & Rituals


Bangles Production in India

India’s largest producer mainly is Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh but Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh) largest Producer of Glass Bangles.Many famous little & big shop are there in India but most famous place to visit is The Lad-Bazar in Hyderabad (Telangana).


As an Indian Girl I Know the Symbolic & The sentiments Relationship with this precious Traditions and Rituals. I have many collections of variety of bangles. But According to me “ sometime we should get ready not for a reason but for happiness”.











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