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“Believe a single step of journey would astonish you and later it will became life’s best memories”.


“Me in 30 seconds”

My name is Vinita and I am from India (New Delhi). In the middle of my career somewhere I felt inadequate Working 9 to 6 jobs.I have been  infatuated about travel and explore the most beautiful places where I have never been till now. Once in a lifetime we should fulfill our little and big dreams 🙂 , here I am going to hit the bull’s-eye. So I quit my job for making my journey more lively. Being an Indian girl I am going to traverse my journey from my ‘INDIA’.

Until we choose our way of happiness, there is no other way being satisfied. I chose my way of happiness along with my satisfaction.

“Never be afraid to try something new,because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know”.


Agra Red Fort

Agra Red Fort


Nugget of Information:

Travel on Track is all about travel and lifestyle throughout India.there are many little but precious unrevealed prospects of India still not explored. India is known for his culture and incredible and there are many and many things yet to explore.

Many reason to explore:

In this blog, I am going to give you travel tips & experience all the way through my own country ‘INDIA’. If we want to talk only about India than all I can say a country with full of joy and the more important the astonishing culture will definitely catch your eye. we will cover all the small and big aspects of the India. “Patience is a virtue” Just keep increase your curiosity. I am very much excited to give you the reason why you should visit ‘INDIA’.

There are many seasons in India and every season gives you the unique magic about incredibility of there Desi touch. 

Colorful & Joyful era starts with here.

Let’s get go with the flow.

”All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”.



Humayun Tomb New Delhi

About myself

I am a person who is very cheerful about life and love to explore new thing around. Indian influence always works great for me like you always ready to do something out of the box.I am the person who captured all the things which came in my way.:-).

My journey towards a blogger

I grew up in an Indian cultured family.Its out the ordinary thing to choose the work where you might be travel often and less time for family (mostly for travel blogger).But at the start of my early age, I have a unique thought about travel or exploring the things out of my home it can be a tree,grass,roads, people etc.

Being a conservative background I have a limited freedom to travel alone or even with friends. After  Exactly a few months ago, I was struggling in my dream job and with my passion too.

From my childhood I used to be curious person. I don’t know much about my surroundings but as soon as I grew fall in love with my culture, festivals and beauty around my country India.

Now this is it here somehow I got opportunity through my blog and my hunger became more giant, many things yet to explore but you can also take this as journey of yours.

It wasn’t my thought until I realize that this is not the thing which I love to do for the long term satisfaction, After so much exaggerate, I decided to quit my job and started preparation for government jobs instead. But somewhere in my mind I felt this is not working. Then I realize we should follow our dreams & passion first if someone want to be happy then money doesn’t work all the time. I feel inner satisfaction is more important than  money . So that is how I finally decided to write a blog which is the best option or also covers my passion perfectly. where I can enjoy my work and also get paid for this. My passion is writing,photography & travelling etc.


“I never travel without my diary.One should always have something sensational to read in the train”. 


agra red fort

agra red fort interiors


I want to inspire the true travel lover who also passionate about travel, Definitely assure you that after traveling a few days according to your dream journey a sudden change you observe that you got more lively and more experiences which you did’t realize till day.

Hope you enjoy the blog and if there is any query or suggestion you want to share then let me know.

Email me : info@travelontrack.com

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